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Our  favourite list of whys and why nots? ;)

  • Why does Cat on a mission operate in the zone of Sustainable Fashion?
    We believe that sustainabilty in fashion can transform the planet and our lives. Of late, increased consumerism in fashion is having a grave impact on the planet. And we need to sustain this planet, since there is no Plan(et) B.
  • Why did you pick Upcycling in Fashion?
    We believe that the most simplest forms of sustainable fashion is upcycled fashion. We are just lengthening the life of an existing, old piece of clothing by designing & transforming it into something new. We also undertake projects involving earth-friendly, sustainable fabrics like 100% hemp. But upcycling is where our heart is settled on ;)
  • How do we know about the quality of upcycled garments?
    We do our own rigorous quality checks on the old fabrics/clothing so they are able to endure usage post the design & transformation. However, since these are pre loved sarees/clothing, there might be some small flaws such as discolouration, small scars or some fabric threads gone astray.
  • How do we care for upcycled garments?
    We would request you to clean the garment as less as possible since we would like if you would preserve our clothes and protect the planet too. If the clothing needs to be cleaned then we would reccomend dry cleaning, or mild detergent washing by hands. No machine wash. No tumble dry.
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