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This Bomber Jacket is inspired by the 'flower pot' or the 'Anar' fire cracker. The Chevron pattern is representative of the 'V' s or inverted cones. This bomber is fit to light up a fire, wherever you go ;) The checks in navy blue and the magenta ups and downs are from 2 separate old sarees. We upcycled them with a lot of love and care. The lining is a patchwork of unused fabric scraps. We try to be as upcycled and as sustainable as possible. This is why even our packaging uses recycled material. We would love it if you were to repurpose these boxes.

The Anar Bomber Jacket

SKU: 0009
  • These bomber jackets are ideal for air conditioned environments, as a second layer or for times when there is a slight nip in the air. These can be paired denims, shorts, skirts, trousers, jumpsuits, dresses, sarees! The combinations are literally endless.

    Please note that these jackets have been upcycled from preloved, old & used sarees. So you will have to handle them with care. No machine wash- but you can dry clean them or wash gently by hand. Best solution would be to take super good care of them and keep it clean so that you don’t have to keep cleaning them multiple times.

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